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My name is Hély, your new drink made from Corsican immortal!

Helichrysum italicum (or ‘immortal’) grows all over the Mediterranean region, including Corsica where I was born.

This plant is famous for its therapeutic properties. We decided to blend immortal with grapes, acai, goji, rooibos, ginseng and pomegranate!

This subtle savory drink contains no preservatives nor any artificial colors and will become your favorite soft drink for sure!

Helichrysum or Immortal

The name Helichrysum is derived from the Greek "helios" meaning "sun" and "chrysos" meaning gold because of the color of its flowers which look like tiny golden suns. It is used because of its very peculiar healing and regenerative biochemical components.


Grapes are bursting with savory flavours. A huge ally of cardiovascular health, this fruit is rich with vitamins and minerals which are essential for a good general health.


Pomegranate components appear to reduce stress, cardiovascular disease, dementia and excessive inflammatory responses.

goji berry

The goji berry is sometimes called ‘fruit of happiness’ in Asia. It contains anti-aging properties, thus providing the skin with vitality and radiance. Another name for this berry is "the longevity fruit".


Rooibos leaves are slightly fermented to obtain a red infusion which is why it is also known as "red tea". It contains several antioxidant components but no theine.

acai berry

The acai berry is the fruit from the ‘pinot’ palm tree which grows in South America. Just like the other superfruits acai berry is well-known for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and energizing benefits.


Ginseng is an adaptogenic medicinal plant. This means it adapts itself to the needs of the body and helps it cope with outside stress and restore balance.

The whole Mediterranean sun in a bottle.

The immortal used for Hély grows and is picked in Corsica from organic farming.

Produced by NRC SAS
Domaine de Buonanotte . Route de la Gare . 20290 Borgo . Corsica